Tuesday 9 July 2013

Anebel & Willem Botes : Take 2 (6 July 2013)

So we had a second attempt to get some family photos of the Botes Family in (shall I mention it?) our temporary studio with some new backdrops.  They all looked so good in their red outfits.  This time around I (think) I got half a smile from Willem, but I had to work for my money!  We played with cars, dinosaurs and finger puppets, and had lots of fun.  But what a tough customer when you ask him to show some teeth.  Then there was the most angelic little Anebel, now 3 months old.  She is so beautiful, but taking photos is very tiring(for her), so when it was time for the whole family she did not feel like posing anymore.  However, I think I got a few good ones of this lovely family.