Sunday 31 January 2016

Goosen family - George dam

I met Ineke & Cobus about three years ago, although we've actually been at the same University at round about the same time.  I loved spending time with this wonderful family just before Janco (eldest) had to leave for high school, so it was great to get some family photos of them together.  They are amazing people with big, warm hearts.  Thanks for a great (late/rainy) afternoon.  Loved every minute.


Friday 29 January 2016

Fish family - Wilderness

It was such a pleasure to meet the Fish family.  It was a 7am shoot, and on the way there I could not see 5 meters in front of me do to thick fog, but as I got to Wilderness the fog lifted a bit.  However, it moved in again and made for quite good light for the photos.  It was a special occasion as the shoot was a gift from the children to Trevor & Jenny for their birthdays earlier in January.  They are also spread over the country with Hayley & Neil all the way from the UK. 

Sunday 24 January 2016

Remo, Jelanie & Hescke Barocci

I had another family keen to do an early morning shoot, and I met Jelani, Remo & Hescke at around 6:30 on Glentana beach on the 4th of January 2016.  It was such a lovely and sunny day.  I had my work cut out to get Hescke to smile, but I was obviously not funny enough.  I still managed to get some precious shots of this gorgeous little girl and their interaction with each other.