Saturday 25 May 2013

HandrĂ©’s 2nd birthday party at Redberry Farm

I have 3 precious little girls.  So whenever I have the opportunity to take photos of little boys I look forward to it with much anticipation as I know they never seize to surprise you in many wonderful ways!  
So when I read this little poem about boys it always make me smile: ‘popsicle kisses and big bear hugs, little red wagons and jars full of bugs, grass stains, football games, lots of toys, oh the joys….’ – Author unknown

HandrĂ© had such a fun party at the Redberry Farm outside George.  It was a glorious day, specially ordered for a beautiful boy!  Lots of laughter and running around, going on a train ride and even horseback riding for each child.  They all waited so patiently for their turn, and of course the birthday boy had to get two turns. Fun was the name of the game for the day.

Thank you Marilize and Hendrik for allowing me to take photos of this special day (and the big slice of cake at the end of the day!).

Thursday 23 May 2013

Wikkelwurms - Birthday Party

One of my all-time favourite movie quotes:
You is kind
You is smart
You is important
-Aibileen Clark – ‘The Help’ movie quote

We firmly believe that each of us have a calling, and though we’ve always been willing to lend a hand in any way or with our photography skills to any worthy social cause (and there are many!) we are particularly passionate about aiding and supporting our children in need.  We came across the ‘Wikkelwurm’ project through our church and were privileged enough to be part of the project where they host a birthday party each month for all those children who had their birthday in that month.  It is so touching to see the joy on those children’s faces when you hand them their party pack, but what is even more wonderful is the joy they show when you touch them, hug them, play with them, and just love them for who they are.  All children need to feel loved, and although there are so many wonderful causes we feel strongly about this one and hope to be part of it for many more years to come.