Saturday, 31 January 2015

Friedman family - 4 January 2015

It looks like 2015 brought some beautiful weather to the Garden Route, and also wonderful people.  I just love meeting all these great families getting to know them just a little bit and enjoy their interaction.  So I also had the privilege to meet the Friedman family.  They were so relaxed and I really enjoyed this shoot.  Very informal, playing in the sand and water.  Thanks for a wonderful afternoon Friendmans, hope we meet again!


Lichthardt family - 5 January 2015

I had a booking with Suhan for some fun family photos as they were coming for a visit from England, however they had some bad luck with their flights and were not able to come.  I felt so sorry for them and do hope to meet them one day!  But that is how I got to meet the Lichthardt family as Suhan's brother and his wife decided to get the shoot done in their place.  I had a great time with this family and had my work cut out for me with the three kiddies being very busy, but that is always fun for me!  They are a gorgeous family!  Thanks for a great time!