Thursday 19 September 2013

Charl's matric farewell - Diamand Veld High - Kimberley - 18 September 2013

I had a trip down memory lane when asked to do Charl's matric farewell photo's. Not only did Charl have the perfect date but he also had the car to die for. The Dodge charger is a beautiful thing and has a V8 engine that will make every petrolhead's heart pump a little bit faster. The Dodge was the perfect addition to the amazing looking couple that definitely stole the show on looks and appearances!!

Tuesday 10 September 2013

The Murray family - 31 August 2013

~ ‘Family is not an important thing.  It’s everything’ ~  -Michael J. Fox-

I had a blast photographing the beautiful and energetic Murray family.  It was great to see the chemistry between all 6 members of this family, and how everyone just started to relax and enjoy themselves as they got into the shoot.  It is a privilege to be able to meet families (in this day and age and broken world) that are so close-knit and loving.  A true example to many out there!  Thanks Murray family.

I have to end with this quote from George Bernard Shaw as it is what I wish for every family out there and I think that is what God intended for us all!

~ ‘A happy family is but an earlier heaven’  ~

Sunday 8 September 2013

Luka - 3rd birthday

As I only have girls, it is so refreshing to go to all these boy birthday parties!  They are just so into boy stuff.  And I think of all the boys I know, Luka is the BIGGEST 'Cars' fan!  The wind was at least 34km/h for the duration of the party so it was a mission keeping everything on the table.  But these boys didn't feel the cold or wind.  They had so much energy to burn and did not stop playing for 2 hours straight!  I am also sure the cake (talented mom Lindie made with so much attention to detail) was the best birthday cake I have ever seen.  And when I arrived and saw it, I asked Luka : 'who has the bestest mommy in the whole wide world?' and he immediately said without hesitation with the biggest smile: 'Luka'!