Wednesday 27 August 2014

Le Grange family - Witfontein

Apart from lots of mosquitoes attacking us in the middle of winter, I had a blast with the Le Grange family on a beautiful winters afternoon at Witfontein, such an awesome woodland setting.  Everyone was very cooperative and fun to work with, and I spent way too much time with them even having coffee afterwards, chatting away.  Thanks Le Grange's together with Oupa & Ouma.  You are a great family!


Friday 22 August 2014

Leanie expecting Zilar

Leanie was such a beautiful mommy to be, I couldn't believe she only had one week left before baby Zilar would arrive.  He is here now (born on 20th August) and I cannot wait to meet and cuddle the little man when I do his newborn shoot!  He is such a lucky boy with a gorgeous mommy, a wonderful grandmother and a busy little sister, Amber and brother, Jade. 

Saturday 16 August 2014

Handré will become a big brother on 25 Aug 2014

I had the most awesome, amazing and beautiful morning on 9 August when I was asked to do a maternity shoot at 8am on a Saturday morning on Wilderness beach.  I did think Hennie and Marilize were a bit weird for this early shoot, but what a special morning it turned out to be!  I got there and immediately saw three whales playing literally just behind the waves.  So close, so wonderful!  Then this gorgeous mommy to be and her men arrived (one being spiderman of course!) and I had such fun with them.  As if that was not enough we found a perfectly formed and whole 'paper nautilus' shell.  I know Reinhardt will also be a perfectly formed little boy that will bring you lots of joy and love!