Thursday, 12 July 2018

Van der Merwe, Harvie & Smit families - July 2018

It is such a small world when you do photography... When you start asking people out and find out they come from the same town you grew up in.  I had a fabulous time with the Van der Merwe, Harvie and Smit families.  It was so gorgeous in the forest and they looked amazing in their autumn colours.

Pretorius & Meintjies families - July 2018

I was so excited when Dricia asked me once again to take some photos of their growing family.  This time we had a new additions, Esra.  He was such a good little three month old and we had an awesome afternoon with perfect weather that we could actually venture outside in the middle of winter.  I had a great time with them as usual and this time we also had two extra cousins visiting.