Monday 14 February 2022

Coetsee family - 12 Feb 2022

Early Saturday morning at the Garden Route dam with the Coetsee family.  We had our last shoot 5 years ago, and I loved spending time with them once again.  Solette celebrated her 50th birthday (we are birthday twins) and I think it was the perfect way to capture some precious memories of them, such a blessed and beautiful family!

Saturday 12 February 2022

Ian & Tiané - Valentines dance

Cute couple alert!!!

I had such a fun (very quick) shoot with Ian and Tiané before their valentine's dance.  And they looked so awesome together!  And then they won the Mr and Miss Valentine at the school.  Hope to do more shoots with them.

Saturday 22 January 2022

Christel Roux and her extended family - January 2022

 Yet another shoot with an awesome and fun family that I met a few years ago.  We had a lot of fun once again and it was so good to see all of them again.  Looking forward to see them all again soon!!! Thanks for a great morning of laughter.