Friday 19 September 2014

Mila first birthday cake smash - 13 September 2014

I had the best day with the gorgeous little porcelain doll, Mila with her big blue eyes and rainbow dress. What a beautiful one-year-old! It was 7:45 in the morning and she was such a good girl.  However, she was more interested in the teeny tiny silver sprinkles on the cake than smashing it.  And getting Luka in to help....well, he was not of much help as he was quite unsure as to why we want them to 'smash' the cake.  So, mommy had to give a 'helping' hand.  After all the smashing we obviously had to clean her up so we had a lovely bubble that was fun!  And of course it looked very inviting, so Luka joined in (we had to bribe him to get out again).  I just looooove all the expressions on their faces and it was quite hard to pick only a few photos for the blog.